New Regulations allow Employment Permits to be granted for HGV drivers and Meat deboners

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has signed the Employment Permit Regulations 2017 into law. The new Regulations consolidate the existing suite to regulations under the main Employment… (more…)

Planning Searches

Importance of carrying out a Planning Search before signing contracts for the purchase of a property

The Law Society Standard Conditions of Sale relating to the sale…


Damages for personal injuries

In the Irish Court’s system when a person makes a personal injuries claim successfully, they are not only entitled to compensation for the injuries which have been suffered. They are also…


Injured at Leisure complex

The firm received instructions from a client who was injured during a ride in an amusement facility. The client fell backwards suffering a laceration wound to the back of the head.


Protection of Employee’s Entitlements in Corporate Insolvency

When a company stops trading and owes employee’s arrears of wages and redundancy, the Social Protection Fund is designed to step in to ensure those claims are paid. The difficulty is…


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