Enforcement of RTB Decisions

Gerard McGrath has been appointed to the RTB’s Enforcement of Determination Orders Solicitors panel.

If you have a Determination Order of the RTB which has not been observed by the other party to the Order, you may have to apply to court to have the Order enforced.

You can appoint your own solicitor to bring an enforcement application in the District Court.

Alternatively, you can ask the RTB to assist you in bringing the application. They are not bound to do so but do assist in a large number of cases each year. If you think you need the Board’s assistance to enforce an award, you should contact them and make the request (enforceorder@rtb.ie).

The panel consists of private solicitors willing to provide services to persons who have been granted legal assistance by the Board to take proceedings under Section 124 of the 2004 Act who will be paid directly by the Board.

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