New Form for Permitted Family Members of EU Citizens

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) has issued a new form “Form EU1A” for applications to be treated as a permitted family member of an EU citizen.

You can apply to be recognised as a permitted family member if you are a non-EEA national who is the de facto partner of an EU citizen or a member of the EU citizen’s family who is not considered a “qualifying family member" (spouse, civil partner, child, grandchild, parent or grandparent).

INIS requires the new application form to be used. It requests a lot of detail about the applicant's immigration history and the nature of their dependency on the EU citizen. It also requests significant detail and documentary evidence about an applicant’s expenses in their country of origin and their place of residence. The form also requires the applicant to provide documentary evidence regarding the reasons a refusal of the application would result in preventing the EU citizen from exercising their EU Treaty Rights.

The stated intention behind such a detailed application form is that there will be no need for further documents to be submitted while the application is being considered. While any move by INIS to make their procedures clearer and more transparent is welcomed, the requirement to provide all information and documentation at the outset could result in applications being refused without further documentation being requested which could have helped to clarify an applicant's position.

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