New Special Scheme for Non-EEA nationals with lapsed permission

A new scheme has recently opened for non-EEA nationals who were first granted permission to remain in the State on “Stamp 2” or “student” conditions, between 1st January 2005 and 31st December 2010. Provided a certain number of criteria are met, non-EEA nationals who no longer have permission to remain in the State may apply to be considered under this scheme between now and 20th January 2019.

If an application is successful, the applicant will be granted permission to remain under ‘Stamp 4S’ conditions initially for two years. ‘Stamp 4S’ conditions will entitle the holder to live and work in the State without the need for an employment permit. It will not entitle the holder to access public services or public funding. It is a reckonable permission for the purposes of a naturalisation application.

If you think you might qualify for this scheme, we can advise you on the qualifying criteria and application requirements. Please contact any of our team for details.

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