Brexit and EU Nationals

INIS has recently issued welcome clarifications on the residency rights of EU Nationals.

After 31st December 2020, nothing will change for the more than 100,000 UK nationals…


Surrogacy in Ireland

For many intended parents in Ireland, starting a family is not a straightforward process. Sometimes alternative options such as pregnancy, IVF or adoption, are not possible, therefore having…


Refugee Travel Within Europe

Despite the contentions of the UK Home Office, it is not illegal to arrive in the United Kingdom to seek asylum, whether by dinghy or otherwise. This is a matter of International Law and…


Approved Funds and the Immigrant Investor Programme

One of the ways in which an investor can obtain residency in Ireland is by investing in one of the Approved Funds. In this model, a minimum €1,000,000.00 investment is made in a fund which can… (more…)

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