Habitual Residency Refusal Overturned

Our client, a Romanian national, was denied rent allowance on the habitual residence rule.We attended the appeal hearing and argued that because our client had had 52 or more consecutive…


ECJ Ruling: Parents of Irish Citizen Children Have Right to Reside

The Court of Justice of the European Union gave judgement today in the ‘Zambrano’ case. In a decision with major implications for current immigration practise, rules which currently benefit…


Citizenship Decision Reversed

Our client was refused citizenship on the notorious ‘good character’ ground.He had reason to believe the Minister was ascribing criminal convictions to him which were not his at all. Although…


€17,000+ Damages For Alighting Coach Passenger

A client instructed us in relation to an accident where they fell and suffered injuries while getting off a coach due to the negligence of the driver. The coach company initially tried to…


Civil Partnership Act 2010

The act has now become law and allows same sex couples to register their Partnership before a Civil Registrar, after giving 3 months notice. Once the Partnership is registered, the couple…


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