Case Against Cafe Settled For €10,750

Our client ordered tea and toast in a Dublin cafe. On biting into his toast he felt extreme pain: The toast contained a foreign metal object which resembled a piece of a washer. Our client…


Work Permit Appeal Successful

Our client arrived here on a work permit type visa but lost his job within a few months.It is a condition of a work permit that it is specific to an employer. Our client had made a considerable…


Visa Appeals

Part of our service is to advise clients on visa applications and visa appeals where decisions are unfavourable.Sometimes entirely meritorious applications are refused because of the failure…


Negligence Claim Against Engineer Settled

Our clients employed an engineer to carry out an inspection of a property before buying. The engineer furnished a report and the clients proceeded with the purchase. Almost two years later…


Cross Border Debt Collection

It will be easier to enforce foreign court judgements in Ireland and Irish court judgements abroad following the enactment of EC Regulation 1896/2006 brought into law here by SI 551/2008…


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