€10,500 Damages For Chinese Take Away Surprise.

A client suffered injuries to her gums and teeth after biting on a metal object in her Chinese Takeaway meal.The restaurant initially denied having any responsibility for the injuries but…


Compensation For Dublin Bus Passenger

While travelling on a Dublin city bus a client was injured. He was thrown headlong towards the windscreen of the bus when the driver of the bus slammed on the brakes. Following negotiations,…


Department of Social Welfare Reverses Habitual Residence Ruling

A decision to refuse our client disability allowance has been reversed. Our client is an EU national who was refused the allowance because he did not satisfy the habitual residence rule.…


New EU Small Claims Procedure

Irish consumers will be able to make use of a specific procedure to pursue small claims against suppliers or service providers from other countries in the EU from January 1st, 2009.



Restoration of Companies to the Register

On Monday, we successfully applied to the High Court to have two companies restored to the register of companies. Companies which fail to make statutory returns will be struck from the register…


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