Licensing Applications Lodged

This is the time of year for getting in all applications for renewals. With the annual licensing court coming up in September, we have advertised all our clients applications and they are…


New book on Inheritance and Succession

We would like to congratulate our former colleague Jason Dunne and his co author John Murphy on the publication of their new book ‘Inheritance & Succession’Gerry and Brian were delighted…


German Legal Student

Fee Decher will join us on Monday. Ms. Decher will join us on work experience from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Franfurt where she is studying law. Since the acquisition of Stanley…


Probate Action Successful

Our client is the beneficiary under a will. Unfortunately the testator was not registered as the owner of their property. To avoid tracing an heir at law, we successfully applied to the…


Unreasonable Local Authority brings sale to a halt

A simple residential conveyancing transaction has been brought to a standstill due to unreasonable demands being made by a local authority, regarding the planning documentation it has sought…


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