Probate Processing Times

Following a death, it is often (though not always) necessary to have a will ‘proven’. Recent changes to the system of proving a will should speed up the process. As a guide, from the date…


De Facto Relationships

Unmarried couples have rights and entitlements similar to married couples in Irish immigration practise.Non EEA nationals in a durable relationship with an Irish or EU partner can obtain…


New Civil Partnership Bill

This act is due to be passed this year. At present the term “common law wife/husband” is not recognised in Irish law. If a relationship ends, regardless of duration, unless a party can show…


Entitlement of Spouse Under the Succession Acts

Our client’s husband died leaving a will in which very little provision was made for her.The Succession Act contains protection for widows and widowers left in this position. We issued…


State Settles Family Reunification Case

The Government has made an out of court settlement in a case brought before the High Court by the Immigrant Council of Ireland in relation to a decision to refuse an Irish family’s Chinese…


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