Changes To Work Permit Scheme

Some changes to the scheme were announced by the Deparment of Jobs Enterprise and Innovation on 10th April including:

  1. If the job is in the highly skilled occupations…


Citizenship Delay Case Settled

Our client had waited over three years for a decision on his citizenship application. No reasons had been given to him for the delay. We were given leave to bring the judicial review proceedings…


Work Permit for Chef

We have obtained a work permit for a chef.Typically this is a very difficult application given the labour market needs test. However, there is now an acknowledged shortage of chefs in the…


State Settles Citizenship Case

Our client was waiting for more than three and a half years for a decision on his citizenship application.

Despite reminders , the Department of Justice did not give any reason…


Stamp 4 for Step Parents

It has been the practise of the Department of Justice to permit parents of Irish children to obtain Stamp 4 where they are rearing the child.More recently, the Department has allowed our…


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