New Student Visa Regulations To Apply From January 1st

Far reaching changes to the student visa system are contained in the recently published report from the Interdepartmental Committee.For instance, a maximum period of seven years residency…


New ECJ Judgements On Right Of Residence

Two judgements have been handed down recently from the European Court of Justice which may have far reaching consequences for parents of EU children enrolled in schools in the State.



Stamp 4 For Parents of Irish Born Children

In certain exceptional circumstances, the Department will grant Stamp 4 to a non-national parent of an

Irish child. Applications normally take 6 months or even longer to process…


The Habitual Residence Rule And Social Welfare

An increase in the number of non Irish citizens seeking social welfare benefits has led the Department of Social and family affairs to undertake a close examination of many benefit claims.One…


Opportunities For Undocumented Workers To Obtain Residency

The Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform and the Department of Enterprise have announced special provisions to assist workers who have lost their status through no fault of their…


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