Wills and a Child’s Entitlements.

Wills and a Child’s Entitlements.

Under Irish succession law, a child is not automatically entitled to benefit under a parent’s will. If a parent wants to disinherit a child or children…


Time limits for challenging wills.

There are two ways in which a disappointed person can challenge a will which he or she believes to be unfair:

Under s. 117 of the Succession Act, the Court can consider whether a…


Probate and the Rights of Co-Habitants

Under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Applications of Co-Habitants Act 2010, a couple is deemed to be co-habitants when they have lived together as a couple in an “intimate and…


Probate Processing Times

Following a death, it is often (though not always) necessary to have a will ‘proven’. Recent changes to the system of proving a will should speed up the process. As a guide, from the date…


Probate Action Successful

Our client is the beneficiary under a will. Unfortunately the testator was not registered as the owner of their property. To avoid tracing an heir at law, we successfully applied to the…


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