Applications for humanitarian leave to remain- Section 3 Immigration Act 1999

We are pleased that a number of our clients were successful in their applications for humanitarian leave to remain this week and were granted temporary permission to remain on ‘stamp 4’ conditions for three years.

When an applicant has been found with no permission to be in the State or more commonly when they have made an unsuccessful application for protection or residency, the Minister for Justice and Equality will issue a notification pursuant to section 3 of the Immigration Act 1999 known as a ‘3 options letter’. The applicant has the options of: returning to their country of origin voluntarily, consenting to a deportation order or filing an application for humanitarian leave to remain. Many applicants will choose to file an application. It is important to note that this application needs to be filed strictly within 15 working days of receiving the notification. If the application is approved; residency will be granted and if refused a deportation order will issue.

If you receive a ‘3 options letter’ or are expecting one, it is very important that you obtain early advice and begin to prepare. These applications are very comprehensive and success is dependent on a number of factors including an applicant’s character, their connections with Ireland, their family circumstances and the position in their country of origin.

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