COVID-19; a legal focus: New emergency legislation passed

Emergency legislation has been passed by the Dáil on 19 March 2020. The Health (Preservation and Protection and Other Emergency Measures In The Public Interest) Bill 2020 is to allow for:

1. Changes to the illness benefit, jobseeker’s payments, and other welfare schemes to continue until 9 May 2020;

2. The detention and isolation of potentially infectious persons who do not submit to voluntary self-isolation by an appropriately authorised officer of the State; and

3. The declaration and enforcement of:-

- travel restrictions to and from the State;

- travel restrictions within the State;

- restrictions on the holding of events; and

- restrictions on, and closures of, certain classes of premises (including private premises such as cafes, bars and restaurants, and educational facilities).

The Seanad is due to pass the Bill on 20 March 2020, after which it should shortly come into force.

The clarity regarding the new social welfare arrangements is very welcome for both workers and employees, as are the powers given to ensure the protection of the public in these trying times.

If you are affected, or anticipate you will be affected, and need advice in any of these areas, please feel free contact our office to discuss how we might be able to assist you deal with these new circumstances.

The emergency powers in relation to detention and restriction of events have an end date of 9 May 2020; however, this may be extended.

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