Damages awarded for injury at work

The firm received instructions from a client who suffered injuries as a result of an accident at work.

The client was directed to assist in the unloading of a steel beam from a van. Unfortunately, while the unloading was taking place, the steel beam slipped and struck our client in the face, causing damage to the client’s nose and face. As a result of the accident our client suffered some scarring and a certain loss of the sense of smell.

We initiated a claim against the employer on behalf of the client. We were responded to by the employer’s insurance company which indicated that it would investigate the accident. Although liability was not formally admitted at that stage, the insurance company sought copies of our client’s medical reports with a view to discussing settlement terms. When we were satisfied that all necessary medical reports had been obtained we agreed to attend a settlement meeting.

We met the insurance company’s claims handler at the Four Courts but despite protracted negotiations we did not settle our client’s case as we felt the final offer of compensation was insufficient and our client took our advices.

The insurance company then arranged to have our client medically examined and obtain its own medical report. Following that, further settlement negotiations took place.

Ultimately, the case settled for €70,000.00 which represented a substantial increase on the final offer made at the settlement meeting which took place in the Four Courts some months earlier.

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