Damages for personal injuries - bicycle accident

McGrath McGrane was instructed by a client who had been involved in a road traffic accident. The client was cycling on the road when a vehicle struck the client’s bicycle from behind causing the client to fall and hit the ground. The client suffered minor superficial injuries but also a radial fracture which healed very well.

The client did not manage to obtain the insurance details of the vehicle that hit the bike and was unable to trace the vehicle. We advised the client that in such circumstances, a claim for compensation could be made to the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (M.I.B.I.).

We made an application to the MIBI on behalf of our client and having complied with its requirements regarding the claim, the MIBI appointed insurers to deal with our client’s claim. The insurance company appointed by the MIBI sought to arrange settlement talks before the claim was to be submitted to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB).

We met with the insurance company’s claims handler at the Four Courts for settlement discussions and they made an offer of €20,000.00 plus expenses to settle the client’s claim. Following protracted negotiations we ultimately settled the client’s case for €32,000.00 plus a contribution towards costs. The client was especially pleased as the settlement meant that there would be no necessity to apply to PIAB which would have taken much longer to conclude.

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