Dublin Circuit Court awards damages for assault

By Gerard Dunne

On 17th January, our client was awarded €59,742.32 damages by Dublin Circuit Court against Michael Waters.

Mr Waters, a Barrister, had previously been convicted of assaulting our client at the creche which she owns and operates. Judgement had been given against Mr Waters at an earlier court sitting even though he has always tried to deny liability. He did not attend the recent hearing and the judge was happy to measure damages in his absence. The court heard from our client that she had been struck and headbutted by Mr Waters and suffered serious injuries including to her nose (requiring surgery) and significant psychological difficulties.

This case highlights the significance of pursuing justice in assault cases, even when the accused vehemently denies responsibility. It underscores the message that individuals must be held accountable for their actions, particularly when they cause harm to others.

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