Five things cyclists can do to avoid being involved in an accident

As a number of us here in McGrath McGrane are avid cyclists, we appreciate the difficulties and dangers to which cyclists in Dublin are exposed. Hopefully the points listed below may help our fellow cyclists avoid being involved in a road traffic accident:

1. Wear high visibility clothing, ideally fluorescent.

2. Make sure that your bicycle is properly maintained and in particular that your brakes work properly.

3. Do not cycle when it is dark unless you have a front and rear light which light up brightly.

4. Do not wear headphones while cycling.

5. Always expect the unexpected as you cycle.

If despite your best efforts, you are unfortunate enough to suffer an injury from a road traffic accident and you require legal assistance, contact Brian McGrane of our office on 01 8735012 or , as we really do appreciate the difficult plight of cyclists in Dublin.

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