Successful High Court ruling on a child's personal injury settlement

McGrath McGrane LLP was instructed by the parents of a child who suffered personal injuries while in a McDonald’s restaurant.

The accident occurred when a member of staff accidentally knocked over a hot beverage cup. Unfortunately, the contents of the cup spilled on the child causing the child to suffer burn injuries.

McGrath McGrane LLP advised the parents of the child regarding the child’s right to claim compensation for the personal injuries suffered. An application was made to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board on behalf of the child and the respondent consented to the claim being assessed.

The processing of the claim took some time as it was necessary for medical advisors to allow time to pass in order to give an accurate prognosis for the child’s injuries, which included burn injuries.

Ultimately, the assessment was issued by PIAB and same was accepted by the respondent and by the client, subject to the ruling of the Court.

The PIAB assessment had to be ruled by the Court as the claimant was under the age of 18. This is basically a safeguard for underage claimants to ensure that the Court is satisfied that the interests of the underage claimant are being properly looked after by their advisers. McGrath McGrane LLP arranged for the matter to be listed before the High Court.

The High Court Judge, having heard the application, ruled the settlement which was in excess of €65,000.00.

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