Introduction of eVetting for Citizenship Applicants

The Department of Justice has recently announced the introduction of eVetting as part of the citizenship application process.

This eVetting process will be a requirement for all adult applicants who are resident in Ireland. For applicants who do not reside in Ireland, they will be required to continue to provide home country and/or third county police reports as before.

One of the conditions of the Citizenship application is that the applicant is of good character. An aspect of the character assessment will now be the vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau.

From 30th March 2021 all new applicants will be required at the appropriate time to provide authorisation to Citizenship Division to issue an eVetting invitation to them. Applicants who submitted an application prior to 30th March 2021 may be requested to complete an authorisation and will be contacted in writing by Citizenship Division.

If you would like some advice in relation to these recent changes, or on your citizenship application in general, we look forward to hearing from you.

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