Immigrant Investor Programme

The Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) is open to non-EEA nationals who are willing to either invest or donate a sum of money in the State, in exchange for residency.

There are a number of investment options available to investors such as investing at least €1,000,000 in an Irish enterprise, or an Irish investment fund for a period of at least three years; donating a sum of €500,000 to a project which is of public benefit to the arts, sports, health, culture or education of Ireland; or investing at least €2,000,000 in an Irish REIT for at least three years.

Investors must demonstrate they have a minimum net worth of at least €2,000,000 (which can also include the value of their investment or donation) which is sourced from their personal resources and, most importantly, cannot be financed through a loan or other such facility.

If an application is approved, investors will be granted a residence card which will allow them to work and reside in the State. Continuous residency is not essential, and all that is required is a one day visit to the State per year. Investors can also include their spouse and young children in their application. However, it should be noted the Programme is not an automatic route to obtaining an Irish passport. Irish Citizenship is a separate application with the usual residency conditions prior to the application having to be met.

If you think the IIP is something you might be interested in, please feel free to contact our office. Applications are now being accepted by the Department of Justice and Equality until 30th June 2020, with further application windows available also later in the year.

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