Irish Grant of Probate - foreign domicile

More and more, we are receiving enquiries from lawyers in other countries seeking assistance in extracting Grants of Probate for people who have died domiciled in other countries, but who have left assets in Ireland.

With so many ex-patriots throughout the world, this is not surprising; with holiday homes, Euro bank accounts and shares being the most common assets.

In assessing the steps involved, consideration has to be given to how the relevant country of domiciles’ probate legislation compares with ours and the language of the country. Applications can be tricky, not least because resources within the Probate Office do not allow for pre-approval of applications or admissibility of, for example, an Affidavit of Law. Nonetheless, we can navigate applications successfully and quickly.

By far the most common application is from the UK, but we have also dealt with applications where the deceased died domiciled in USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany and China.

We can help in advising the applicants regarding the necessary legal proofs, assisting with obtaining PPS (tax) numbers for deceased persons and beneficiaries and drafting and submitting the Probate applications.

For assistance or to make an enquiry, please contact Julie Mullan of our office.

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