Irish Immigration Applications – 2015 Processing Time Frames

The most common question we are asked by our clients in making an immigration application is; how long will it take to get a decision?

This is a difficult question to answer accurately as it depends on the complexity of an application and the amount of applications being processed at that time by the Visa Office/ Department of Justice / Department of Enterprise.

Applications based on EU Treaty Rights must by law be decided within 6 months of the date they are received. All other applications have no statutory time limit in which they must be processed, although they must be processed within a ‘reasonable time’. For guidance purposes, based on current active applications, we note the following general time frames;

Work permits of all categories- 4 weeks,

Applications for Naturalisation (Citizenship) -7 months,

Residency based on marriage/ de facto partnership to an Irish Citizen- 6 months,

Residency based on parentage of an Irish Citizen Child (Zambrano) -9 months,

Revocation of Deportation Orders –over 1 year,

Humanitarian Leave to Remain – over 1 year,

Change of Status application- 9 months,

Family Reunification -10 months and

Immigrant Investor – 4 months.

Application processing times for Visas vary hugely between the processing offices and will depend on the Visa category and where the application is decided (i.e at the Visa Office in Dublin or at the Visa Office of an Embassy Abroad). Applications for visas leading to residency are currently taking at least 6 months to be processed in Visa Office in Dublin.

It is very important to get advice before making an application as submitting an incomplete application will increase the processing time.

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