New application process for Pre-Clearance Applicants

The Department of Justice has recently announced a change in the application process for certain preclearance applicants, to take effect from 21 November 2020.

The preclearance schemes which are affected are:

1. the Volunteer in Ireland Scheme;

2. the Minister of Religion Scheme;

3. the De Facto Partner of a Critical Skills Employment Permit / Hosting Agreement holder permission policy; and

4. the De Facto Partner of an Irish National permission policy.

The main change is that application forms must now be filled out via the AVATS online application system. As before, an application can only be made from outside the State and the applicant must remain outside the State until a decision is made on their application.

Different rules apply depending on whether or not an applicant is visa required. Those who are visa required no longer need to apply for a preclearance letter, and instead should apply for their specific type of visa on the AVATS online application system.

Those applicants who are not visa required should apply for a preclearance letter via the AVATS online application system.

Following the submission of the visa/preclearance application forms on AVATS, applicants will then be directed to submit the usual list of supporting documentation to the relevant Irish Embassy where their applications will be processed.

If you have any questions on any of the preclearance schemes listed above, please contact our office to arrange a consultation.

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