New scorecard approach for Naturalisation applications

The Department of Justice have introduced significant changes for applicants regarding the number of proofs required to establish their identity and residency as part of the Naturalisation application process.

From January 2022, Naturalisation applications will be moving to a scorecard approach. Applicants will be required to reach a score of 150 points in each of the years in which proof of residency is required. Applicants can achieve this by submitting proofs which carry pre-determined point value until they reach the required score of 150 points for each year of residency claimed.

Failure to provide sufficient proofs of residence with the application will result in the application being considered ineligible.

In addition, applicants can now submit their certified copy passports in lieu of their original passports which were previously required. However, the Minister reserves the right to request original passports from applicants at any stage throughout the process.

A spreadsheet containing all the required documents and their respective points has been published by the Department and is available on the Department’s website.

If you have any questions about the new scorecard approach or any general queries in respect of the Naturalisation process, please feel free to contact our office at or through the enquiry form on the Contact Us tab on this website.

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