Non-EEA students preparations for entry to the State

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) have issued a notice to all non – EEA national students (visa and non-visa required) planning to study in Ireland.

Prior to travelling to Ireland, all students must have in their possession their letter of enrolment from an eligible college. This applies if you book directly with a college in Ireland or if you book with agency in Ireland or in your home country.

This policy will be adhered to strictly, as the notice states that “If you do not have a letter of enrolment you will be refused entry at the port of entry.”

Current practice for non-visa required students is to be granted entry to the State for 90 days for the purpose of registering as a student. An enrolment letter from college would not be a necessary proof of entry as a student previously may have enrolled on a course subsequent to their entry to the State and then register for a student permission at the GNIB.

A visa required student must be enrolled on a course to be granted a visa to travel to Ireland.

This new policy introduces a streamlined approach to entry requirements for visa and non-visa required non-EEA national students.

As a guideline, it is advisable to also have the following documents in your possession before travelling. These will be required at first registration at the GNIB or local immigration office.

• A letter from the Registrar's office of your school/university confirming that you have paid your fees in full (or in some instances part-payment);

• Your medical insurance policy; and

• Proof of finances: a bank statement showing that you have €3,000 or more in your bank account; (visa required students are required to demonstrate access to €7,000), a pre-paid credit or debit card with a verification of the amount in credit, an education bond receipt for visa required degree programme students.

We would be happy to assist you with your queries in relation to applying for a student visa, appealing a decision refusing a student visa, or any subsequent problems you may have in the State regarding your student permission or the renewal/extension of same.

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