Settlement in trip and fall case

McGrath McGrane was instructed by a client who suffered injuries as a result of a fall which was caused by a broken grate cover on the footpath. The grate cover was sticking up out of the footpath and consequently caused our client to trip and fall.

We wrote an initiating letter to the local authority notifying it of our client’s accident and the injuries sustained. The local authority responded, indicating that it would investigate the accident and revert to us. There was no admission of liability forthcoming from the local authority and therefore we submitted an application to the Injuries Board on behalf of our client. We prevailed upon the local authority and subsequently secured an offer to settle our client’s case. We advised our client in relation to the offer and the offer was not accepted. We subsequently managed to arrange a settlement meeting with the local authority’s solicitor at the Four Courts. Following negotiations, we settled the client’s case for over €30,000.

The client was very happy with the settlement and because the case was settled directly with the local authority, the client did not have to wait for the Injuries Board to issue its assessment which meant a delay of approximately a year had been avoided.

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