Settling Personal Injury Cases

It is possible to settle personal injury cases prior to issuing either court proceedings or making an Injuries Board application. We have just settled a typical example. Our client who was travelling as a passenger on a bus which was hit by a car, suffered personal injuries. We wrote to the bus company and the driver of the car notifying them of our client’s injuries and of our client’s intention to claim for damages. The insurers of the car driver took over the handling of the claim. After our client’s injuries settled, we obtained the necessary medical reports on behalf of our client and then agreed to meet with the insurers of the car driver to discuss possible settlement of our client’s claim. We met with the insurance company’s representative at the Four Courts before an Injuries Board application was made and settled our client’s claim for €32,000. The client was very satisfied with the result and was spared the delay which inevitably arises awaiting final assessment from the Injuries Board or any publicity which can accompany a court hearing.

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