Immigrant Investor Programme

This is a rough guide to the operation of this programme about which we have many enquiries.

Advantages of programme: ? Quick – 8 weeks from submission of application to approval ? No… (more…)

Immigrant Investor and Start Up Entrepreneur Programmes

We have recently obtained approval for residency for a number of clients and their families pursuant to the Immigrant Investor and Entrepreneur Schemes.

The majority of our clients were…


Courts Jurisdiction to Change in February

From 3rd February the jurisdiction of the District Court in civil proceedings will be limited to €15,000 the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court in civil proceedings (other than personal injury…


Receiver Appointed Over Rent

Our client is a management company owed €17,000+ in unpaid service charges by an apartment owner. Although judgement had been obtained, no payments had been received after all the usual remedies… (more…)

Directors of AIT Software Restricted

We act on the instructions of Derek Ryan, liquidator of AIT Software Ltd.

The liquidator of an insolvent company must apply to the High Court to have the directors restricted or disqualified…


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