Employment Permits and Redundancy

While the Irish economy still appears to be growing, we are hearing more and more from clients who are at risk of being made redundant.

Making the correct return within…


New roles on critical skills employment permit list

Under new changes to the employment permit system announced recently (20 June 2022), employers and employees are now going to be able to apply for Critical Skills Employment Permits for the…


Bricklayers and plasterers now eligible for employment permits

Under new changes to the employment permit system announced today (20 June 2022), bricklayers and plasterers are now eligible for employment permits.

This means that employers…


Legal professionals and employment permit eligibility

Generally speaking, “Legal Associate Professionals” such as legal executives, paralegals etc. are not eligible for employment permits, as these positions are included in the "Ineligible List…


Q & A – Employment Permits

We have recently received many questions about the employment permits system in Ireland. The legislation underpinning this system is complex and nuanced so it can be beneficial to seek legal…


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