Amendment to Capital Acquisitions Tax Thresholds

As predicted, in the 2015 Budget, the government has increased the threshold before which a child will pay tax on a gift or an inheritance from a parent. The threshold has been increased…


Capacity to make a will

Creating a will gives a client an opportunity to ensure that those people/organisations who they wish to benefit from their estate do so when the client passes away.

In order to make…


Capital Acquisitions Tax

There has been much talk in recent weeks on Ireland’s inheritance tax regime – with a US ‘Think Tank’ suggesting Ireland has one of the most severe inheritance tax regimes in the western world.… (more…)

Time limits for challenging wills.

There are two ways in which a disappointed person can challenge a will which he or she believes to be unfair:

Under s. 117 of the Succession Act, the Court can consider whether a…


Orders Made In Surrogacy Case

Surrogacy is a modern phenomenon which raises complex issues of law.

Our client has a child born in a third country by gestational surrogacy, conceived by in vitro fertilisation with…


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