Probate and the Rights of Co-Habitants

Under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Applications of Co-Habitants Act 2010, a couple is deemed to be co-habitants when they have lived together as a couple in an “intimate and…


Time Limits for Claims

The law protects people from having to defend themselves against ‘stale’ claims by imposing strict limitation periods within which claims must be brought.

It is the job of claimants’…


Orders Made In Surrogacy Case

Surrogacy is a modern phenomenon which raises complex issues of law.

Our client has a child born in a third country by gestational surrogacy, conceived by in vitro fertilisation with…


Family Reunification Guidelines

The Department of Justice and Equality has published new guidelines on Family Reunification for non EEA nationals in Ireland

The stated intention is to provide a comprehensive…


Join Spouse Visa

Our client's spouse has been granted a visa to join him in Ireland.

Our client is a refugee who has resided in Ireland for a number of years. He married a third country national and…


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