Reckonable permissions for Naturalisation

In order to apply for Irish Naturalisation you must have lived in the State for a certain length of time. The specific requirements for an ordinary application (based on your own residency…


New scorecard approach for Naturalisation applications

The Department of Justice have introduced significant changes for applicants regarding the number of proofs required to establish their identity and residency as part of the Naturalisation application… (more…)

Applying for an Irish Passport

Are you wondering whether you are eligible to become an Irish citizen? And if so, is it necessary to instruct a solicitor to guide you through the process?

There are a number of routes…


Applying For Irish Citizenship

Who is entitled?

Have you had a valid stamp 1, 3 or 4 in your passport for at least 60 months out of the last nine years?

Are you married to an Irish Citizen and had stamp 1,3 or…



The area of Irish naturalisation law and policy has dramatically altered in the last number of years. Applications are approved subject to the Minister’s ‘absolute discretion’. The Courts…


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