Lost Title Deeds

Sometimes, when a person tries to sell a property, it transpires that some or all of the title deeds cannot be found. This can lead to extensive delays while searches are made for the originals.


Risks when buying property at auction

Our client considered buying a commercial property at auction, for use by their business. Review of the contacts and title revealed that there was a sitting tenant in the property. The tenant… (more…)

Insurance and Property Damage

Our clients’ house was damaged in a fire caused by the negligent installation of a fire place. Our clients were able to recover compensation from their insurers.

The question arises…


Upwards Only Rent Reviews

Rent review clauses are found in the majority of leases of commercial property with terms of 10 years or more.

Typically, they enable an annual rent to be reviewed in line with market…


Landlord and Tenant Disputes

A large part of our practise is concerned with resolving disputes between Landlord and Tenants of commercial property.

A landlord can choose to sue a tenant for a judgement debt in…


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