The Atypical Working Scheme

The Atypical Working Scheme has become increasingly popular in recent times. The scheme’s attraction lies in the relatively quick processing times and the facility to apply for a short term working visa (or letter of approval for the non-visa required) to enter Ireland, without the need to apply for an employment permit. Employment permit applications carry higher application fees and more lengthy processing times.

In addition, intermittent travel is now possible for holders of this permission.

It is particularly useful in addressing the needs of businesses sending employees to Ireland on temporary business assignments, where an employment permit would not be suitable.

Applications must be made from outside the State where a non-EEA national is required to undertake work for an entity based in Ireland to undertake employment –

1. Where a skills shortage has been identified in the market;

2. To provide a specialised or high skill to an industry, business or academic institution;

3. To facilitate short term employment which may be integral to a third level course for students studying outside the State in approved institutions;

4. As a Locum Doctor;

5. Where the Clinical Adaptation and Assessment Programme/RCSI Examination is required;

6. As a researcher for up to 12 months.

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