Undocumented Migrants Scheme to be introduced

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has recently announced draft proposals for a scheme, which it is hoped, will help thousands of undocumented migrants in the State achieve legal status.

While the precise details of the scheme have yet to be finalised, what we do know is that in order to be eligible to apply, applicants must be undocumented in the State for at least four years, or three years for those who have children.

It is anticipated that this scheme will be time limited and applications will only be accepted for a period of six months.

While there are no proposed income requirements in order to qualify, evidence of residence in the State will be required, and an individual’s character and conduct of individuals will be taken into consideration.

If successful, applicants will then be granted a permission that will allow them unlimited access to the labour market, and after a certain number of years, be eligible to apply for citizenship.

If unsuccessful, applicants will have an opportunity to appeal the decision.

Please note the scheme has yet to be finalised and some of the details listed above are still subject to change.

McGrath McGrane LLP is looking forward to guiding applicants through the process when it eventually opens to applicants at the end of this year.

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