Work Permits

At McGrath Mullan we have a considerable portfolio of successful applications for Work Permits on behalf of clients.

If you have a job offer, depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible one of the many types of Work Permits which are available.

Applications for work permits are made to the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation (

There are many types of work permits and visas available. In each case, the qualifying criteria and the list of eligible positions can change frequently.

Depending on the employer/employee’s circumstances, we can advise you on the most suitable option available to you.

In recent months we have had success in securing work permits in the following circumstances:

Critical Skills Employment Permit

This is a work permit for highly skilled employees valid for an initial period of 2 years. It is similar in nature to the Green Card which was available until September 2014.

  1. We have obtained Green Cards for specialist IT Engineers to enable them to work in Ireland. The Green Cards enable the employees, originally from India, to work in Ireland for two years. When the two years expires, provided they continue to work for our client, they will be able to renew their GNIB cards at their local GNIB office, without the need to make a formal renewal application. They are also eligible to apply for entry visas for their wives and children to join them. Under many circumstances their spouse will be entitled to an employment permit also.
  2. We have obtained Green Cards for banking and insurance specialists, to enable them to work in their specialist field in Ireland.

Inter-Company Transfers

The Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit is designed to facilitate the transfer of senior management, key personnel or trainees who are foreign nationals from an overseas branch of a multinational corporation to its Irish branch. We have secured Inter Company transfers for employees in the financial services and insurance industries for terms of two years, to enable them to transfer their skills and experience to the Irish Based branches of their respective employers.

Contract Service Provider Employment Permit

This employment permit is granted in circumstances where a foreign company has won a contract to carry out services for a company based in Ireland.

We have obtained more than 20 Contract Service Provider work permit concessions for our client – a non-Irish company who has secured a contract to provide services to an Irish Company in Ireland. The employees, from USA, India and Israel all secured 12 month concessions which enabled them to carry out their work on behalf of their non-Irish company, here.

Van der Elst Visas

Non EEA employees legally working in any EEA member state are entitled to work for the employer in Ireland on temporary contracts. We have secured Van der Elst Visa’s for employees with existing German and UK work permits, to enable them to work in Ireland in the IT and Telecoms industries.

General Employment Permits

We have secured 2 year work permits for occupations such as chef, barber and jeweller.

In all cases, the employee applicants were already working in Ireland in these roles on Stamp 2 student conditions.

Entry Visas

A work permit is not an entry visa. Once a work permit is obtained, it is usually necessary to apply to the employee’s local Irish Embassy/Consulate for an Entry Visa. The visa is granted by the Department of Foreign Affairs. The initial application is made online, and all original supporting documentation are lodged with the local Irish Embassy/Consulate.

We can advise and assist you in the application process.

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If you are considering an application for a Work Permit our engagement process is simple.

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